Wednesday, October 19, 2011


October is the month for upcoming cosplay events here in Cebu City. From time to time, cosplay events have raised along with different kinds of themes and activities for one ultimate goal, to express the love for anime, gaming and cosplay!

In corporation with Robinsons Cybergate and Hattori Events presents COSMOSIS: A cosplay shock masquerade. This event will be held at Robinsons Cybergate on October 22, 2011. A cosplay event full of cosplayers cosplaying characters that are inspired of wearing masks or hiding their identities! There are countless of anime characters who wear masks, covers and such so expect to see anime characters in the event and not as cosplayers. 

Here is a preview of what the stage would look like during the event, this will be used for cosplayers who will join the competition proper.

For those who wanted to join the cosplay competition, click HERE to view the competition guidelines and informations about the event.

The price lists for the event are as follows:

This is not a surprise to everyone but during the event, the winners from TORCH 2011 held at COSMANIA 2011 in Manila last October 2, 2011 are invited to judge the cosplay competition for COSMOSIS 2011!  Yes guys, the cosplayers who will represent the Philippines for AFA 2011 in Singapore will be our special guest during that day! I am personally excited to see them again and this time, they are going to Cebu!

Please everyone, meet miss Zhel Guiral. The awesome girl slash awesome guy’s face. 

Photo By: Dennis "Shot" Li
Photo By: Dennis "Shot" Li
Zhel has countless of amazing cosplays from the past until now. Zhel is a cosplayer based in Davao and went through from cosplaying simple anime/video game characters to armored anime/game characters. She learned a lot from wig styling, make-up,  props making to making her own armor costume. With help and support from friends, she dedicated herself that someday, she will showcase her cosplay works to the world and hopefull will represent her country in a form of cosplay. She realize this dream when she went to AFA 2010 with her cosplay friends from Manila and Davao. She was just an audience spazzing over how awesome it would be to do a cosplay skit, showcase her creativity and would represent her country just like the representatives during the event. She told her friend that hopefully someday, she will be up there and express her love for her craft. With full support along the way, she will represent our country for AFA 2011 together with her partner, Amado Carl Hernandez or commonly known in the cosplay community as A.C.

If you remember this guy from last TORCH 2010, then that’s him. <3 Ain’t he amazing? A.C. is the best in props making, costume making specializing craft foam, rubber sheet, and would you believe, household materials. He cosplays his character not because of popularity but it’s for the love of his characters to come to life and the feeling to cosplay his favorite character are very much priceless to him. A.C. is very humble when it comes to his craft. I would not know if he realizes how awesome he is but all I know is, he deserves to win TORCH 2011 with Zhel! A.C.’s mentor for costume making is Sir Guy Singzon. So, he never fails to thank Sir Guy for all the cosplays he has done for himself and the knowledge he acquire from him. Ofcourse, A.C. developed his own style on making his own costumes! 

Photo: Dennis "Shot" Li

If ever I’ll have a free time to post about them, I will in the future. Hopefully though because I want to make a separate entry just for the two of them. Come and see them in Cosmosis 2011!  See you guys there! 

Last photo from COSMANIA 2011 with Zhel cosplaying Noctis. Noctis, what nice purse you have. <3 

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I would like to thank A.C. for the time for talking with me and 
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and I thank you so much for taking the time to write a very long
thank you message in her page, it's really touching to read
those words written by her. Go Zhel and A.C.. 


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