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October is the month for upcoming cosplay events here in Cebu City. From time to time, cosplay events have raised along with different kinds of themes and activities for one ultimate goal, to express the love for anime, gaming and cosplay!

In corporation with Robinsons Cybergate and Hattori Events presents COSMOSIS: A cosplay shock masquerade. This event will be held at Robinsons Cybergate on October 22, 2011. A cosplay event full of cosplayers cosplaying characters that are inspired of wearing masks or hiding their identities! There are countless of anime characters who wear masks, covers and such so expect to see anime characters in the event and not as cosplayers. 

Here is a preview of what the stage would look like during the event, this will be used for cosplayers who will join the competition proper.

For those who wanted to join the cosplay competition, click HERE to view the competition guidelines and informations about the event.

The price lists for the event are as follows:

This is not a surprise to everyone but during the event, the winners from TORCH 2011 held at COSMANIA 2011 in Manila last October 2, 2011 are invited to judge the cosplay competition for COSMOSIS 2011!  Yes guys, the cosplayers who will represent the Philippines for AFA 2011 in Singapore will be our special guest during that day! I am personally excited to see them again and this time, they are going to Cebu!

Please everyone, meet miss Zhel Guiral. The awesome girl slash awesome guy’s face. 

Photo By: Dennis "Shot" Li
Photo By: Dennis "Shot" Li
Zhel has countless of amazing cosplays from the past until now. Zhel is a cosplayer based in Davao and went through from cosplaying simple anime/video game characters to armored anime/game characters. She learned a lot from wig styling, make-up,  props making to making her own armor costume. With help and support from friends, she dedicated herself that someday, she will showcase her cosplay works to the world and hopefull will represent her country in a form of cosplay. She realize this dream when she went to AFA 2010 with her cosplay friends from Manila and Davao. She was just an audience spazzing over how awesome it would be to do a cosplay skit, showcase her creativity and would represent her country just like the representatives during the event. She told her friend that hopefully someday, she will be up there and express her love for her craft. With full support along the way, she will represent our country for AFA 2011 together with her partner, Amado Carl Hernandez or commonly known in the cosplay community as A.C.

If you remember this guy from last TORCH 2010, then that’s him. <3 Ain’t he amazing? A.C. is the best in props making, costume making specializing craft foam, rubber sheet, and would you believe, household materials. He cosplays his character not because of popularity but it’s for the love of his characters to come to life and the feeling to cosplay his favorite character are very much priceless to him. A.C. is very humble when it comes to his craft. I would not know if he realizes how awesome he is but all I know is, he deserves to win TORCH 2011 with Zhel! A.C.’s mentor for costume making is Sir Guy Singzon. So, he never fails to thank Sir Guy for all the cosplays he has done for himself and the knowledge he acquire from him. Ofcourse, A.C. developed his own style on making his own costumes! 

Photo: Dennis "Shot" Li

If ever I’ll have a free time to post about them, I will in the future. Hopefully though because I want to make a separate entry just for the two of them. Come and see them in Cosmosis 2011!  See you guys there! 

Last photo from COSMANIA 2011 with Zhel cosplaying Noctis. Noctis, what nice purse you have. <3 

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I would like to thank A.C. for the time for talking with me and 
to Zhel. Zhel is really a nice friend to us. She's just fun to be with 
and I thank you so much for taking the time to write a very long
thank you message in her page, it's really touching to read
those words written by her. Go Zhel and A.C.. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

CEDf-IT Cosplay HD Harajuku District Event Details + Guidelines + Advance Ticket Reservation

Another exciting event for Japanese culture enthusiast alike! Cosplay HD (Harajuku District) will be held at Ayala Linear Park, Cebu Business Park across Marriott hotel on October 28 and 29, 2010.

Harajuku is the common name for the area around Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line in theShibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. Where people dressed up as Gothic Lolita (also gothic loli) Visual Kei, Ganguro, Gyaru, Kogal, to "cute" Kawaii style clothing and cosplayers dressed up as their favorite cartoon, game and anime characters. Harajuku is also a fashion capital of the world, renowned for its unique street fashion. Fashion designers in the world also made their own piece inspired by Japanese street fashion and intergraded throughout the world. 

Photo By: Kira and Daishi

Photo By: Kira and Daishi
People who wear outrageous outfits like these in the streets of Harajuku wear these outfits in everyday life! Harajuku is mainly a runway for these people. It takes guts to wear something different and to think about the world without Harajuku is unimaginable.

Photo By: Kira and Daishi
Just like the streets of Harajuku, Cosplay HD (Harajuku District) are putting up a theme inspired by anything going on in the streets of Harajuku in Japan. A festive night with live bands, dancers, musical performers and various artists to celebrate the feel. In Harajuku, there are also stores and shops for their own like for teenagers to afford. Just like them, this event will have mini stores, food stalls, fashion, souvenir shops and outlets for sale for us to buy via the event’s ticket coupon and enjoy what it is like in the streets in Harajuku.

 Yes, this event will be held for 2 days but there will also be a Cosplay Photo Exhibit by Cebu Digital Photographers (CDP) at Ayala Center Cebu starting October 24 – 30, 2011 featuring famed Cebuano Cosplayers! October 28 will cover a cosplay workshop conducted by TUXEDO team from Manila. Yes guys, the TUX team will fly all the way from Manila to talk about how TUXEDO team started cosplaying, why cosplay is a part of their life, how to start cosplay, their characterization, cosplay photography, costume making and talking about props making.

Just in case you would not know the TUXEDO team, this right here is a photo that reflected their perfect combination of cosplay, photography and creativity to pose just like the real characters.  Hopefully I get to talk about them in detail for the next post. I’m still trying to get a hold of their approval of posting their cosplay photos. 

Photo By: Erving Go

Photo By: Jonathan "Z3ll" de Belen

Photo By: Jonathan "Z3ll" de Belen

On October 29, 2011, the event will also held a cosplay competition for the following categories:
Kiddo-Cosplay, Male-Cosplay, Female-Cosplay and Group Cosplay and the prizes are:
  • Group Cosplayers – Php 10,000 CASH, Cetificate, and Gift Pack
  • Individual Male Cosplayer – Php 5,000 CASH, Certificate, and Gift Pack
  •  Individual Female Cosplayer – Php 5,000 CASH, Certificate, and Gift Pack
  •  Best Kiddo Cosplayer – Gift Check plus Gift Pack.
The tickets for this event are 200PHP and 500PHP. The 200PHP comes with a Entry to COSPLAY HD - Harajuku District, inclusive of P100 worth money coupon, good as cash in the Event Venue. Good for two days!

Another ticket to be sold at 500PHP includes the entrance to a private room for the workshop, snacks, Cosplay event access for the next day, and consumable coupon for stall and shops. The workshop will be held on October 28, 2011, Friday at 1PM-6PM at the Cebu City Sports Club. You may want to make sure you won’t lose your ticket for the next day or else, you need to buy another ticket. L


Reservations for the tickets is actually not allowed at the Privileges Desk in Ayala Center Cebu and the workshop can only accommodate with a limited people of 50  but for Anime Otaku Crib, we will be the one reserving the tickets for you! The tickets will be available on Oct. 12, 2011 on Wednesday this week but the registration for the workshop will be on October 14-25, 2011. It’s up to you if you want to reserve the tickets for the workshop or just for the event entrance and coupon. To reserve your ticket in advance, send me a PM via Facebook or you can look me up at Eunice Enrera in Facebook: 

  • NAME (No screen name/cosplay name allowed)
  • TICKET RESERVATION (Are you going for the 200PHP or 500PHP)

The process for your advance payment will be tru MEET-UP’s at Ayala Center Cebu at Tom’s World from 12NN-4PM everyday starting tomorrow, October 11, 2010 until the limited 50 tickets for the workshop are sold.  

To those who didn’t go to Manila to meet them, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to actually to meet them, talk to them and perhaps, spazzing infront of them. Lol. But more importantly, getting to learn a few things from them will be much more of a privilege as a cosplayer and as a person too. Miss Jin and the Tux team are really nice people so I myself could not wait to meet them again for the second time! Here is one photo that we have when we met with Jin Joson during Cosplay Mania 2011. 

WIth Atom, Kidd, Miles, Franchi, Me, Jin, Mika and Jessica .
(This photo was taken from our personal DSLR during the event that Miles owned; I just don’t remember who took the photo. I think it was Leandro who took this. haha)

And on October 29, 2011, will be filled by excitement with acoustic live bands, live dancers,  cosplay competition,  harajuku lovers, special guests appearances, night markets, photo ops or photoshoot opportunities, and AMAZING unexpected prizes will be given away! The event will also have a raffle draw so do not lose your ticket! =D

FULL guidelines for the event/workshop and cosplay competetion can be found HERE.

The event is making me excited! Thank you again for reading my post and I hope to see you everyone there! 

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Written By: Eunice "eun_ice" Enrera
Photos are credited to their respective owners
and attached their site link upon clicking on their names.
I would like to thank Mr. Jonathan de Belen or most popularly 
known as Z3LL Photography in the Philippine cosplay scene for 
the support and help for this article! 
To Mr. Erving Go also for allowing me to use his photos and 
for making me awake with his photo sharing session hahaha. 
To Chai Rico for giving me task worth working for! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TORCH 2011

How was your TORCH experience everyone? I do apologize for the late updates. I haven't been missing any cosplay events but I have missed to report them here in Anime Otaku Crib for almost months because I have been concentrating with my studies and with my life but right now I have the time I could ever need to post for TORCH 2011 for Cebu! 

All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who cosplayed and to those who witnessed the event. Everyone was just very stunning with their costumes and I would definitely say Cebuano/Cebuana cosplayers have been improving from great to awesome! 

Let's start with the awesome hosts who started the show:

Photo By: Juston Alcantara
The awesome Yuki Akai cosplaying Umi Ryuuzaki of Magic Knight Rayearth. With a little help with her sister Maki Kazagami, Yuki sure did a wonderful job both her cosplay and her hosting. Definitely it was her first time hosting a very big cosplay event here in Cebu but I should say, she has the skill of being a host! I can't even recognize her voice during the event even though knew she would be the one hosting this event. Such talent.

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

 Together with her was Mr. Pablo Bairan, one of the founder's of Cosplay.PH. Mr. Pablo was hosting the event also with Yuki Akai. He was very nice when I speak to him during the event. We talked about their future plans for cosplays events especially for CosplayMania 2011. Yesh2, good hosting skills too, you could really tell his into Anime/Manga/Cosplay by the way he talks and dress if you haven't notice. xD 

Now for the 3 judges. Not many knew who the judges are especially for those who didn't compete. Rumor's are spreading around like crazy who would the judges be. People knew that Mr. Guy Singson will be the judge but some are curious as to who are the other 2 would be. Luckily I kept my mouth shut before the event commence.  

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban
If you guys don't know this guy then you're surely missing out in the cosplay scene. He may be this Airsoft looking guy during TORCH but he has one countless of cosplay competitions. His talent in making props, die hard cosplay costumes (mecha, fantasy, machine looking props) paved the way for him to have regular commissions and invitations from cosplay events to local media interviews. Yes, the first judge everyone know of. If your curious for his works, try googling him up.

Photo By: Melabraca/Kazagami
Makiis cosplaying Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiyaduring her judging for TORCH. She is one of the best cosplayer in Cebu. Having a talent for directing certain photoshoots, choosing cosplayers that would fit best to a certain character and yes, if you're hanging out with her, you could tell that she's really an honest person and she may have been judging certain cosplay events but I have dreamed to see her judging an event that will make Cebu go WOW for the winners that would represent Cebu! Hope to see her judging overseas events too! 

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban
A very awesome cosplay of Magensha of Flame of Recca by Onigiri Wasabi. He has this thing for villains. xD I can't seem to resist talking to him about his cospaly plans and because of that, i wasn't able to ask for a photo with him. GAH. The head part was very shinnnny and the costume part was very---flufffffy. 

Who competed? To be honest I can't determine who really competed during the competition proper but allow me to introduce the TOP 2 cosplay partners who competes for the tittle for TORCH II Cebu Leg.

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo By: Paolo Manalac
From left to right, Iris Te Lapaz, Sachi Aberasturi, and Bryan Varron. Iris and Bryan made it to the Top 2 cosplaying as Blazblue, Iris as Mu-12 and Bryan as Hakumen! Yes I have to let everyone see the awesome prop that Mu-12 has. Awesome1000x. Details were pretty much made possible, i tell you, they popped out of people's PS3 console!

Who won? Dum Da Ram Dum Dam *DRUMROLL* 


Photo By: Steve Yau

Photo By: Steve Yau
Leandro Pelenio as Sora and Rayland Duarte as Malifecent of Kingdom Hearts 2! Such epic~ness ! From the costume to the skit, everything was just so EPIC. They deserve to win! Just in case you would not know, they just won themselves a brand new touch screen cellphone, a brand new printer and they will compete with other leg provinces in the Phillipines in CosplayMania to be held in Manila this coming October! Yes, they will represent Cebu for CosplayMania to compete and hoping to represent our country in Singapore for Anime Festival Asia!

© AFA Singapore 2011

Photo By: Steve yau

We are so proud you GUYSSS. Nicely done skit and awesome details. I just love their props! Malifrecent was such a BRUHA! It left the judges speechless by there performance and Sora run so much like in the game. I feel so proud of them because I was with them from the proposal, planning, making and hard times before the event came into place. I was literally in tears when it was announced that they won. xD  They will always have my support and also from Cebuano cosplayers! 

Now here are a few cosplayers who caught my attention during the event whom I literally spazz and didn't even recognize their identities! 

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo by: Ygie Rosell Aniban

And BAAM! Some photo's that Mark Daryl took using his very own Yashica film camera. The photos are just too awesome from film to scan! 

That's all for now. Hope you all had a great TORCH fun day! Till next time~!

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Written By: Eunice "eun_ice" Enrera
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Very late update! Do apologize for the broken promises made 
from previous post. Hope we could all just move on with our lives
and next I'll be updating some current cosplay happenings from the
cosplay community!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cosplay Props Making Workshop

Another anticipated event to come for cosplayers alike and aspiring cosplayers. Cosplayers are putting hardwork for their costumes, accessories, and most importantly, the props. Props are a part of our cosplay experience, especially when the character is carrying a signature weapon, accessories and some other details present in the character. Unlike any cosplay event, Cosplay Props Making Workshop will teach you the basic props making, techniques, knowledge, information and the things to remember in props making. I am so excited knowing how to make my props and the same time, to be able to have a more realistic cosplay experience!

Our friends, Mr. Arvee Yap, Mr. Kerty Tabana, Mr. Rankun Matsuyama, and Mr. Alan Villarias are well known cosplayers here in Cebu and are well known for making awesome and realistic props. They are known also for making realistic armors, weapons, accessories, helms, projectiles, swords and etc. They make their own cosplay props, help eachother along the way and decided to come up with a workshop to help cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers to make their own props as well.

Let me introduce to you some of their works on-hand. They are made out of pure passion, hardwork, patience and sweat. =D

Arvee Yap (a.k.a. Onigiri Wasabi)

He personally made every cosplay costumes he portrays. A very creative and passionate cosplayer/props maker. Passion is the word best described this award winning cosplayer. A combination of both cosplay and skills all together. With a little help and support from family and friends, Arvee made his armors and props out of pure passion and love for cosplay. Arvee specializes in helms and armors.

Kerty Tabaña

For the cosplay community, Kerty is a well-known props maker. A lot of cosplayers who are in need of props and cosplay weapons, will offer commissions to Kerty. For him, props making is his passion. He thinks more about how to make and furnish his props for cosplayers. Kerty also has a thing for doing crossplays. He cosplays a girl character a lot during cosplay events, but behind his long curly wigs, small skirts, fake boobs and hot make-up, is a creative and passionate props maker. He specializes in weapons and other props alike. 

Rankun Matsuyama 

Ranrik is a very creative cosplayer in the community. What can I say, he is someone who can make something out of nothing. Mostly his materials are made out of inexpensive products but guarantee's a high quality, realistic and durable cosplay props. He made almost all his cosplay props out of inspiration, passion, imagination and creativity. He also won different awards during cosplay events and competitions. He specializes blunt type props and projectiles.

Alan Villarias


Allan is awesome, because he can do magic. Like a genie, your wish is his to command. His cosplay props are commissioned not only by cosplayers but also, people who are interested in his work. He also makes his props for his own enjoyment and fun. He has a thing for making small swords too for his collection. Just gave him an image of the prop that you wanted him to make and POOF. Magic. But no, he makes his props out of hard work, patience and most importantly, for the fun of it. He is also a cosplayer and a well known propsmith in the cosplay community. He specializes in blade type weapons, swords and knives.

All is well for these four props maker. They are very passionate, humble, and creative. They make cosplay experience fun not just for themselves but also to fellow cosplayers who share the same interests in cosplay and ofcourse, making our own props. As the four teamed up together to organize a workshop for cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers alike, they will be able to share the things they have personally learned from the years of cosplaying and props making. The Cosplay Props Making Workshop will help fellow cosplayers to experience a stress free, fun and realistic props making. Here are a few information:

 Registration Fee is 200 Php. 
Materials will be provided will be as follows, Scissors, Adhesive, Cutter, Pencil, Ruler, Airfoam. Light Snacks aswell. 
Only 40 slots available. Pre-registration and payment assure you a slot.
Teachers/Speaker/Instructor: Onigiri Wasabi, Kerty Tabana, Alan Villarias and Rankun Matsuyama
Lesson: Basic Cosplay Propsmaking 101

We need funds to start this project that aims for the betterment of Cosplaying quality here in Cebu, we have no sponsors backing us up, so we need your support on this endeavor. makagasto man gani ta ug linibo for contacts wigs and costumes kani pa kaha! nyahahahahaha~

Meet up for pre-registration & payments will be on this dates:
November 27, 5-7 PM Sat. SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
December 1, 5-7 PM Wed, SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
December 4, 5-7 PM Sat, SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
Will also be bringing "I love Cosplay" pins priced @ 50 Each, Reusable Casing.
Event will be on December 11, 2010, 12:30-5:30 pm
at Family Park, Pavilion, Talamban, Cebu City. 
 For more info, visit their Facebook:
Official Facebook Event Page

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