Monday, November 29, 2010

Cosplay Props Making Workshop

Another anticipated event to come for cosplayers alike and aspiring cosplayers. Cosplayers are putting hardwork for their costumes, accessories, and most importantly, the props. Props are a part of our cosplay experience, especially when the character is carrying a signature weapon, accessories and some other details present in the character. Unlike any cosplay event, Cosplay Props Making Workshop will teach you the basic props making, techniques, knowledge, information and the things to remember in props making. I am so excited knowing how to make my props and the same time, to be able to have a more realistic cosplay experience!

Our friends, Mr. Arvee Yap, Mr. Kerty Tabana, Mr. Rankun Matsuyama, and Mr. Alan Villarias are well known cosplayers here in Cebu and are well known for making awesome and realistic props. They are known also for making realistic armors, weapons, accessories, helms, projectiles, swords and etc. They make their own cosplay props, help eachother along the way and decided to come up with a workshop to help cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers to make their own props as well.

Let me introduce to you some of their works on-hand. They are made out of pure passion, hardwork, patience and sweat. =D

Arvee Yap (a.k.a. Onigiri Wasabi)

He personally made every cosplay costumes he portrays. A very creative and passionate cosplayer/props maker. Passion is the word best described this award winning cosplayer. A combination of both cosplay and skills all together. With a little help and support from family and friends, Arvee made his armors and props out of pure passion and love for cosplay. Arvee specializes in helms and armors.

Kerty Tabaña

For the cosplay community, Kerty is a well-known props maker. A lot of cosplayers who are in need of props and cosplay weapons, will offer commissions to Kerty. For him, props making is his passion. He thinks more about how to make and furnish his props for cosplayers. Kerty also has a thing for doing crossplays. He cosplays a girl character a lot during cosplay events, but behind his long curly wigs, small skirts, fake boobs and hot make-up, is a creative and passionate props maker. He specializes in weapons and other props alike. 

Rankun Matsuyama 

Ranrik is a very creative cosplayer in the community. What can I say, he is someone who can make something out of nothing. Mostly his materials are made out of inexpensive products but guarantee's a high quality, realistic and durable cosplay props. He made almost all his cosplay props out of inspiration, passion, imagination and creativity. He also won different awards during cosplay events and competitions. He specializes blunt type props and projectiles.

Alan Villarias


Allan is awesome, because he can do magic. Like a genie, your wish is his to command. His cosplay props are commissioned not only by cosplayers but also, people who are interested in his work. He also makes his props for his own enjoyment and fun. He has a thing for making small swords too for his collection. Just gave him an image of the prop that you wanted him to make and POOF. Magic. But no, he makes his props out of hard work, patience and most importantly, for the fun of it. He is also a cosplayer and a well known propsmith in the cosplay community. He specializes in blade type weapons, swords and knives.

All is well for these four props maker. They are very passionate, humble, and creative. They make cosplay experience fun not just for themselves but also to fellow cosplayers who share the same interests in cosplay and ofcourse, making our own props. As the four teamed up together to organize a workshop for cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers alike, they will be able to share the things they have personally learned from the years of cosplaying and props making. The Cosplay Props Making Workshop will help fellow cosplayers to experience a stress free, fun and realistic props making. Here are a few information:

 Registration Fee is 200 Php. 
Materials will be provided will be as follows, Scissors, Adhesive, Cutter, Pencil, Ruler, Airfoam. Light Snacks aswell. 
Only 40 slots available. Pre-registration and payment assure you a slot.
Teachers/Speaker/Instructor: Onigiri Wasabi, Kerty Tabana, Alan Villarias and Rankun Matsuyama
Lesson: Basic Cosplay Propsmaking 101

We need funds to start this project that aims for the betterment of Cosplaying quality here in Cebu, we have no sponsors backing us up, so we need your support on this endeavor. makagasto man gani ta ug linibo for contacts wigs and costumes kani pa kaha! nyahahahahaha~

Meet up for pre-registration & payments will be on this dates:
November 27, 5-7 PM Sat. SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
December 1, 5-7 PM Wed, SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
December 4, 5-7 PM Sat, SM Food Court Left Side Area of Stage
Will also be bringing "I love Cosplay" pins priced @ 50 Each, Reusable Casing.
Event will be on December 11, 2010, 12:30-5:30 pm
at Family Park, Pavilion, Talamban, Cebu City. 
 For more info, visit their Facebook:
Official Facebook Event Page

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