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TORCH 2011

How was your TORCH experience everyone? I do apologize for the late updates. I haven't been missing any cosplay events but I have missed to report them here in Anime Otaku Crib for almost months because I have been concentrating with my studies and with my life but right now I have the time I could ever need to post for TORCH 2011 for Cebu! 

All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who cosplayed and to those who witnessed the event. Everyone was just very stunning with their costumes and I would definitely say Cebuano/Cebuana cosplayers have been improving from great to awesome! 

Let's start with the awesome hosts who started the show:

Photo By: Juston Alcantara
The awesome Yuki Akai cosplaying Umi Ryuuzaki of Magic Knight Rayearth. With a little help with her sister Maki Kazagami, Yuki sure did a wonderful job both her cosplay and her hosting. Definitely it was her first time hosting a very big cosplay event here in Cebu but I should say, she has the skill of being a host! I can't even recognize her voice during the event even though knew she would be the one hosting this event. Such talent.

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

 Together with her was Mr. Pablo Bairan, one of the founder's of Cosplay.PH. Mr. Pablo was hosting the event also with Yuki Akai. He was very nice when I speak to him during the event. We talked about their future plans for cosplays events especially for CosplayMania 2011. Yesh2, good hosting skills too, you could really tell his into Anime/Manga/Cosplay by the way he talks and dress if you haven't notice. xD 

Now for the 3 judges. Not many knew who the judges are especially for those who didn't compete. Rumor's are spreading around like crazy who would the judges be. People knew that Mr. Guy Singson will be the judge but some are curious as to who are the other 2 would be. Luckily I kept my mouth shut before the event commence.  

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban
If you guys don't know this guy then you're surely missing out in the cosplay scene. He may be this Airsoft looking guy during TORCH but he has one countless of cosplay competitions. His talent in making props, die hard cosplay costumes (mecha, fantasy, machine looking props) paved the way for him to have regular commissions and invitations from cosplay events to local media interviews. Yes, the first judge everyone know of. If your curious for his works, try googling him up.

Photo By: Melabraca/Kazagami
Makiis cosplaying Sagittarius Aiolos from Saint Seiyaduring her judging for TORCH. She is one of the best cosplayer in Cebu. Having a talent for directing certain photoshoots, choosing cosplayers that would fit best to a certain character and yes, if you're hanging out with her, you could tell that she's really an honest person and she may have been judging certain cosplay events but I have dreamed to see her judging an event that will make Cebu go WOW for the winners that would represent Cebu! Hope to see her judging overseas events too! 

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban
A very awesome cosplay of Magensha of Flame of Recca by Onigiri Wasabi. He has this thing for villains. xD I can't seem to resist talking to him about his cospaly plans and because of that, i wasn't able to ask for a photo with him. GAH. The head part was very shinnnny and the costume part was very---flufffffy. 

Who competed? To be honest I can't determine who really competed during the competition proper but allow me to introduce the TOP 2 cosplay partners who competes for the tittle for TORCH II Cebu Leg.

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo By: Paolo Manalac
From left to right, Iris Te Lapaz, Sachi Aberasturi, and Bryan Varron. Iris and Bryan made it to the Top 2 cosplaying as Blazblue, Iris as Mu-12 and Bryan as Hakumen! Yes I have to let everyone see the awesome prop that Mu-12 has. Awesome1000x. Details were pretty much made possible, i tell you, they popped out of people's PS3 console!

Who won? Dum Da Ram Dum Dam *DRUMROLL* 


Photo By: Steve Yau

Photo By: Steve Yau
Leandro Pelenio as Sora and Rayland Duarte as Malifecent of Kingdom Hearts 2! Such epic~ness ! From the costume to the skit, everything was just so EPIC. They deserve to win! Just in case you would not know, they just won themselves a brand new touch screen cellphone, a brand new printer and they will compete with other leg provinces in the Phillipines in CosplayMania to be held in Manila this coming October! Yes, they will represent Cebu for CosplayMania to compete and hoping to represent our country in Singapore for Anime Festival Asia!

© AFA Singapore 2011

Photo By: Steve yau

We are so proud you GUYSSS. Nicely done skit and awesome details. I just love their props! Malifrecent was such a BRUHA! It left the judges speechless by there performance and Sora run so much like in the game. I feel so proud of them because I was with them from the proposal, planning, making and hard times before the event came into place. I was literally in tears when it was announced that they won. xD  They will always have my support and also from Cebuano cosplayers! 

Now here are a few cosplayers who caught my attention during the event whom I literally spazz and didn't even recognize their identities! 

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Paolo Manalac

Photo By: Ygie Rosell Aniban

Photo by: Ygie Rosell Aniban

And BAAM! Some photo's that Mark Daryl took using his very own Yashica film camera. The photos are just too awesome from film to scan! 

That's all for now. Hope you all had a great TORCH fun day! Till next time~!

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