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Not-Over-The-Top and The Top Looks for Halloween

Halloween, the best season to look like someone your not or whom you wanted to be. From school to work, Halloween parties are something to look forward to for those people who wanted to express their creativity and what not. Some, who are not so inclined to such events, they wanted to look simple and not-over-the-top and yet the most affordable, not to mention, an easy halloween look for this said events! Some would just want to look fab and express their love for fashion and reaching for that luxury look. This article will show you different ways for looking from the worst yet simple "zombie" look to the prettiest and handsome guy you ought to be. 

Not Over The Top Looks:

I'd say, less is more. This halloween season, you might want to look like a dead zombie or someone who is dead that rise from slumber land.

Well sorry, we won't be telling you how to do this kind of zombie, coz we don't eat brains. Do you? 

Things you'll need:
  1. Baby Powder/Foundation (SPF 15+)
  2. Concealer (optional if you have a foundation)
  3. Lip Balm/Petroleum Jelly 
  4. Mirror (DUH?)

Zombies looks are more sleep deprived and very pale. One thing you need is baby powder or a foundation that has SPF. Foundations that has SPF makes you look like 2X whiter during flash photography.
  • If your not really into make-up, just look for any baby powder at home and just pile a lot of those face powder on your face. 
  • You might really want to exaggerate a dead person's look, you might want to apply a little bit of lip balm or petroleum jelly on you lips, rub off the excess (as to not make it too glossy) then rub a small amount of concealer.
  • Look at the mirror to see if your turning to a zombie or not. 
  • If your not yet convinced, one optional way to look like your ate human body or something, if you have red watercolor, use your hands try to rub that on the parts of your face, mostly the sides of your mouth, to really look like you ate some brains. DO NOT USE acrylic paint, it will burn your skin. x_x. Watercolors are very washable, since your not really aiming for a very nice/quality zombie look, just be creative to make it look more convincing. Or if you want, mix some food color, water and flour. Either way, you know that the red's indicates blood. DO NOT USE pure red food color on your face, you don't wanna look like someone who just received the i-just-high-five-his/her-face look during the next day.
  •  You can add some dark black eyeshadow on the top of you eyes for the intense look and under your eyes too to make the look more sleep deprived.

Brain's anyone?

  • You can use raged clothes or old clothes from your closet and some old pair of shorts/jeans. You can use sleepers as your foot wear or just barefooted.  
  • FINISHED, this is applicable to both girls and boys or the one's who are in the last minute halloween look! A messy hair would also do the trick!
Have you ever ride a jeepney before? Like the one's in our country, you see "kondoktor" hanging around the edge of the jeeps. Or a "habal-habal" driver drives you home or the each block? Have you ever wondered how those guys cover themselves from dirt in the streets using a separate t-shirt? They covered themselves using t-shirt with only their eyes are visible. I figured they actually look like ninjas! This section will show you how to do just that. A very easy halloween look! 

© team random 2003-2007

Things you'll need:
  1. A black t-shirt. (A black shirt is much more convincing than any other color asside from red/white/blue, or some dark colors)
  2. A black long sleeves (or any dark color that matches your t-shirt)
  3. This is optional, you can like buy or borrow a so called Ninja Kunai, toy knife. or toy japanese katana. 
Ninjas are like japanese spies, (lol) they are not easily seen, and if you ever watch the anime series Naruto, ninja's move fast. Black is merely more convincing because ninja's roam during the night. 
I understand that some of you may not easily understand steps in English. (I know we all understand English) but as to avoid getting pissed off with some nosebleed steps, I will direct the procedure in a vernacular language (bisaya). Please excuse me. =D but don't worry, I'll be showing an English steps plus pictures!  
  • Sunod nalang mo sa pictures na ako ipakita? Kai mas ma nosebleed mo kung mag Bisaya ko, just PM me nlng sa facebook if wa jud mo ka gets kai murag mag dugay pata if ako pa i.bisaya. Salamat. :)
Note that this picture and procedure are at most credits to Mr. Vern Reid of ^_^ 

Click HERE for a larger version of this image. 

This is a very easy and tough look for a last minute halloween costume. A very sexy look for the girls to. Try wearing a tight long sleeves and add some smokey cat eye make-up and red lipstick to it, and try wearing a skirt or a hot boots. By the way, high-heels are not allowed to pursue battle, but it's a modern way to look like a ninja! 

© eun_ice

Improvise! Follow the steps and then improvise your look to look like a convincing hot and tough ninja. No need to be this expensive to look like a modern ninja, just look for what's available at your home.  


© Andrea L. Peterson, please refrain from looking at this image for so long, 
it may look like as if it's about to appear outside the monitor screen. 

If you have a long hair, may be a girl or guy, look for a white long sleeves or a white duster. Just be sure to wear an appropriate under shirt, not exposing much of your underwear or do not wear a very thin duster. Your in a halloween party, not a slumber party. ): A thick and long sleeves will prevent you from chills during a halloween party. Just wear a thick sleeveless duster or a white long sleeves, run some charcoal in your arms and legs then abuse your long black hair upside down. DONE. You can do the same make-up as the zombie tutorial to complete the look. 

Some props are easily found in toy stores these days, especially during halloween. Props like toy knifes, pastic skulls, weapons, devil fork thing, and some plastic sharp looking object. Some wigs and masks are also available to a lot of toy stores. If you want to props for a cheaper price, places like downtown (Colon St.) has a huge collection of those, mos affordable and much more cheaper than department stores and malls.  

The Top Looks: 

Someone out there just wanna shine and look their best during a halloween party, especially if the theme is like a masquerade ball or what not. Having simple thoughts about a masquerade party theme would be like a dress and a mask. Dresses are available at designer's outlet beside the streets of Cebu and in department stores. It is also very ideal to buy ready made clothes in boutiques and stalls inside the mall. 

© eun_ice

Masks like those in the picture are found in toy stores and some fashion boutiques. Dresses or gowns looks very glam during a halloween party if you ever want to look your best. Shoes that matches with your dress and scary, yet luxurious looking purse, carrying around your valuables, would complete the look. Oh, the masks a A MUST. This not only hides a very beautiful you, it also gives a mysterious aura in you. If your best in doing make-up by your self, try a matte finish look, natural pinkish blush and very hot red lipstick. A red lipstick would not match a smokey eye effect or either way, you can use pink matte lipstick to match a very mysterious smokey eye make-up. 

© Elle

A very hot Barbie look would also let you look fab during an halloween event, it really depends on the theme. A pink eye shadow, thick maskara or fake lashes (falsies), pink matte blush, and a super pink lipstich and lipgloss. Guys would do just good wearing a tux, with a scarf in their neck, looking like one of these dudes: 

© KBS2 TV 2010

Guys should actually wear some lip balm to avoid chappy lips. They too, could use a little foundation to hide blemishes, but they'd do well if they wash their face before a night out. 
or be like your favorite pop stars!

Any resemblance between dancing zombie and any living or dead individual is purely coincidental. 

Teh Lady Gaga

Countless possibilities for a halloween look. As for people who are into last minute, I don't think you'll be able to have time to impersonate a pop star look. But looking at the bright side, by being creative and resourceful, you might actually make something out of nothing. So guys, ZOMBEH PARTEH!!

I eat brainsssssssss......RAWR

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