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HOBCON 2010 Event Aftermath: Winners and Eye-Catching Cosplayers + Blog Updates

Written by: Eunice "eun_ice" Enrera of Anime Otaku Crib dot blogspot dot com
Hobcon Photos by: Property of CANE EVENTS  
Original Hobcon Photos by: Ygie Rosell Aniban, All Rights Reserved, 2010
Non-Hobcon Photos by: John Asshley Kangleon, All Rights Reserved, 2010 

HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA was held on October 10, 2010 at the Activity Center in Ayala Center Cebu and it was indeed a very successful event! Photographers, comic artists, cosplay spectators, the judges, anime/cosplay fans and cosplayers gathered around to witness the biggest hobby event in the region! Indeed a very major major congratulations to CANE EVENTS for such a successful event and to the cosplayers/spectators for the support!

It started from an awesome opening exhibit featuring the works of the Cebu Digital Photographers members. The exhibit was also dedicated to the event's formal opening and for the photographers profile and works of photography. One of the event sponsor is SAMSUNG, featuring their latest models of digital camera's in the center of the exhibit.

The event's opening exhibit for HOBCON 2010 is also a successful one!

Featuring the latest works of the Cebu Photographers Club
The opening exhibit took place at the Active Zone in Ayala Center Cebu on October 3, 2010, 1 week prior to the event proper itself. Cosplayers, photographers, organizers and event partners gathered to formally announce the upcoming activities for the HOBCON 2010 event. 
Cosplayers during the opening exhibit drinking ice tea!

(From left to right) Charles Chiu, Gary Montejo, Miles Semblante, Rayland Duarte, Yuki Akai, Daidaluz Ruiz, myself and Arvee Yap taking a pose in the event's photowall.
The opening exhibit would not be complete without the presence of these faithful organizers.

CANE EVENT's organizers having fun and taking a picture in the event's photowall!

CANE EVENT's organizers, (from left to right) Richie "Chai" Jane Rico, Nayki Enriquez Cagulada, Andew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje and Edd Buenaviaje.
Nayki Cagulada with photographer, Ms. Anne Uy
Cane Event's had also some activities like the exhibit opening, photographer's day, and the cosplayer's pre-registration booth. For the event proper,  HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA is indeed a very colorful event for cosplayers and their were no shortage of spectators in the venue! It was an opportunity for cosplayers and new cosplayers to flaunt out their talent, colorful costumes and countless poses from the character they're portraying.  From the awesome catwalk-like-stageset-up to the awards, HOBCON 2010 is truly one of the successful hobby conventions organized by CANE EVENTS and SYKES.

Front view of the stage set-up. =D

An up-right angle view of  the stage set-up.

A cosplayer signing at the back of the photowall.

Another view of the stage. This is when the event has already started with all the colorful lights compliment the stage.
There were no shortage of spectators and fans to watch the whole event!
 These colorful cosplayers catches the eyes of photographers and spectators during the venue. It's truly amazing how their love for anime/manga and japanese culture easily translates into their cosplays. Some people who brought a camera or any chances to have their picture taken with them, passed by the venue and definitely asks endless pictures with them! 
Alain Tom as Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII
Karen as Black Rock Shooter

Giethel "Nam-Nam Sayuri" Samonte as a random pink-purple fairy. <3

Luchelle as a Ragnarok Priest.

Yuki Akai as Magician Girl of YU-GI-OH.
Rayland Duarte as Queen Amedala of Star Wars.
Zen as Jumong.
Cosplay couple Iris Te Lapaz and Brian Varron as Stalkers of Ragnarok.
Wendy Lynne Dusaban as Ragnarok Stalker.
Unlimited Blade Works group cosplay with cosplayer, Arvee "Onigiri Wasabi" Yap. -_-''
There a lots of cosplayers who are very eye-catching during the event and not merely all of them did not catch the eyes of few passers around the venue. If you want to catch them personally, in case you missed this event, watch out for event updates in the near future. =D 

Cosplay is indeed a growing trend not only in the youth but also with the young at heart, doing it all with pure passion! But cosplay is not all about being pretty, posing for pictures and wonderful colors, but it also has a competitive side within this colorful and interesting hobby. So a cosplay competition took place, featuring the individual cosplay representatives and group cosplay. 

Featuring some of the female cosplayers compete during the event, as the female cosplayers ramp at the catwalk, they showed their portrayal of the characters their cosplaying and lastly, posed for the camera. Some female cosplayers camed up with their own concept and skit upon walking and acting out the character they're portraying. One of the female cosplayer also cosplayed a male character:


Featuring also, are the male cosplayer category. Like the female cosplayers, the male cosplayers came up with their own skit and acting out the character too, and also, a male cosplayer also cosplayed a female character and actually act like one too:


and featuring, the cosplay groups who competed for the group cosplay category. The cosplay group requires to have maximum 5-7 minutes cosplay skit or performance. Each group had come up with a unique performance and skit. Some went for synchronize dancing, acting put each character and most importantly, each of the groups choreography are also well made and performed.

The HOBCON 2010 event was not only dedicated for cosplayers and hobbyist, but also the event was full of music bands, Hip-hop/Pop-jazz dancers, fashion designers, models, and would you not believe? Kid "chibbi"cosplayers! 

Announcing the winners for the "best female cosplayer", " best male cosplayer ", "best cosplay group" and other special awards! 
First stop, congratulations to Yuki Akai, cosplaying Magician Girl of YU-GI-OH, for winning the "Best Female Cosplayer"!

Congratulations to Rayland Duarte as Queen Amadela of Star Wars for winning the "Best Male Cosplayer". Yes, Rayland is a guy who cosplayed a female character! Rayland also won the Photographers Choice award!

Congratulations to Unlimited Blade Works of Fate Stay Night for the "Best Group Cosplayer" award! Maki Akai as Saber, Joebert Cimafranca as Assassin, Ara Catubigan as Leysritt, Erica Gocuan as Rider, Misao Tevez as Caster, Allan Villrias as Archer and Kierby Calderon as Lancer. Maki Akai also won the CANE's Choice award. A small FAQ about her, she is also the sister of Yuki Akai. Talk about girl power!

A special award for Zoe Toong for the Best Kiddo Cosplayer as Empress Tianzi of Code Gease and Syke's Pick award for Zenith Cainthic as Prince Jumong of the hit Korean Series, Jumong!

Now there you have it, HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA was a blast! Everyone had the time of their lives. Some of the winners moved to tears becuase through they're hardwork and effort, everything payed off. The event also got featured in the Life section of Cebu Daily News Newspaper. Text by: Andrew "Doyzkie" Buenaviaje Photos by: Ygie Rossel Aniban and Donn Morae Arquillano

Watch out for another event updates to watch for! Will be announcing upcoming cosplay events and blog updates to follow. NEW. Upcoming future blog plans! =D I'm planning on interviewing Otaku music band called XOR. We still need to have a very good video camera for it, if possible, an HD camcorder would be good. I'm also planning on interviewing local cosplayers on video, whether if it's pre-recorded or through online streaming, so hopefully will try to do some adjustments for that also. I am open for suggestions and comments so if you guys have time, please do share your thoughts. Interact through the blog's Facebook HERE. I'm still not forgetting about featuring photographers and their inspiring works. The most remembered cosplay photoshoots and FAQs will also be up so better look out for that. 

In case people don't know me, my name is Eunice "eun_ice" Enrera. I moderate this blog and the blog's Facebook page. I am an Otaku. =D I wanted to express my passion for cosplay, arts, photography and my personal skill for doing make-up. Will update a personal BIO data/interests on my other blog HERE.

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