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Upcoming cosplay event and the cosplayers behind the HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA Video Ad

Another upcoming and much anticipated Anime/Hobby/Cosplay event in Cebu, HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA coming on October 10, 2010, Sunday at Ayala Activity Center, Ayala Center Cebu. A day filled with fun and exciting happenings to come! Where cosplayers in the area doing awesome poses, acting out their character and showing creativity through their props and costumes! A fashion show for aspiring fashion designers are also be presented along with a cosplay competition and exhibits. An exhibit showcasing different interests such as photography, blogging and comic arts will be displayed at the Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu from October 3-9 2010.

final poster

I think every cosplay and anime enthusiast who are active online has already seen the video ad for the said event. But, do you know who are those cosplayers behind the video? But before that, watch the video HERE.


One of the most promising and influential people in Cebu, Mr. Edd Buenaviaje. Edd is a Cebu based photographer, blogger, model and a cosplayer. He is also an event organizer and host for Cane Events. Behind the picture for HOBCON 2010: Imperia's final poster is also Edd Buenaviaje himself! 

© Edd Buenaviaje, 2010

Edd also produces different works of art through his photography. Whether if it's a self-portrait or having models for his photos, Edd simply want to voice out his creativity through his visions into a portrait. His works are published in newspapers like Sunstar News and his works are very much appreciated from taking photos from different events and happenings in Cebu City. 

© Edd Buenaviaje, 2010
Edd's photos featured in SunStar. Together with Miles Semblante, Alandia Enomoto, Elisha Ang.

Edd promotes several events in the region and also attends press conference for local stars like Sarah Geronimo, Charlie Green, Luis Manzano, Cherry Pie Picachi, Maja Salvador, David Garcia and so much more. 


Simply called Al, Alandia Enomoto is one of the best and cutest Cebuana cosplayer. Alandia is best known for her lolita cuteness, kid-like-kawaii face cosplay photoshoots and a model for the best photographers in town. She is very much known online for her cute and random asian poses in the cosplay community from Cebu and also from different regions in the country, mostly from Cebu and Manila. Alandia is a cosplayer, model, writer and a blogger. She is also best for her cosplays and costrips for Anime/Cosplay conventions in the region. 

Alandia gets invited by photographers and do cosplay photoshoots with them or just simply anything that is Japanese inspired. Her collaboration with fellow cosplayer, Miles Semblante, became one of their best team up and offer great friendship between the two. Alandia not only gets invitation alone but she works and executes cute poses with Miles which makes it a very interesting to see and a great output for themselves and also for the viewers. 

© Chai Rico, 2010
Alandia, wearing a blue/white patterned tube. Miles, wearing red/white patterned blouse.

Besides her passion for cosplay, what people don't mostly know is that Alandia loves to write. She writes what's on her mind and forms a grammar that would best describes what she really think and feels. Please visit her blog: Potatoes Gonna Potate. 


A fresh nursing graduate, Charles Anthony Chiu loves cosplaying, Anime, video games and photography. Charles also collaborates with Edd Bueniavaje as a clothing line representative for One Perfect Fashion co. (Ayala Center Cebu), doing several event promotion photoshoots and expanding their passion for photography. Charles is currently having his reviews for his upcoming Nursing Board Examinations despite having schedules for photoshoots and planning for future cosplay plans. Charles is very active in the cosplay community. He might be cosplaying or taking pictures of cosplayers in a convention. He is a cosplayer and a photographer in the same time. 

© Chai Rico, 2009

Charles has cosplayed Zero of Vampire Knight during Satin Eclipse 2009, a Cane Events Production last 2009. He is also a cousin of a well renowned local actress, Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu or simply, Kim Chiu.    


A lot of followers online know him as Onigiri Wasabi. A passionate cosplayer and a graphic artist, Arvee Yap is well known for his accurate cosplay and best executions of each character that he portrays. Arvee participates in several cosplay competitions and won awards such as best male cosplayer category and won 1st Runner up from the recently held regional cosplay competition cosplaying as Bason of Shaman King together with his cosplay partner, Luchelle as Tao Ren. 

© Ygie Rosell Aniban (Portpolyonamo), 2010

He has done several cosplays like Blackbeard from One Piece, Barry the chopper from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Crusader from Ragnarok Online, Akamichi Chouji from Naruto Shipppuden, Millenium Earl from Dgrayman and his biggest hit and the crowds favorite, Majin Buu of Dragonball Z. 

© Ygie Rosell Aniban (Portpolyonamo), 2010

Like Alandia, Arvee gets invites from the best photographers in the region and do several cosplay projects and photoshoots with them. He also got an invite from ABS-CBN MagTV's Hobby episode and got featured together with other Cebu based cosplayers. A  very humble person, Arvee is also a very good props maker and shares his ideas and skills to fellow cosplayers who seek help and ideas. 


You might notice a random askal dog was passing by at the end of the video, it pretty much add a drama to the video. The dog was said to be just wandering around until the dog passed by thier path and it's not really part of the ad, but it did gave a positive feel for the video! 

This is where the sponsors are been promoted and where our four cosplayers, Edd, Alandia, Charles and Arvee, walked in together as ONE. HOBCON 2010: IMPERIA is about a gathering of kindred spirits. It's about being different and being the same. It's about dreams, made into reality. It's about yourself, being yourself. 

Where: Ayala Center Cebu @ Activity Center 
When: 10.10.10, Sunday
An exhibit showcasing different interests such as photography, blogging and comic arts will be displayed at the Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu from October 3-9 2010.10.
Registration Starts on 10AM
Event proper starts at 2PM (Where cosplayers and fashion designers starts to compete)
Cosplay Guidelines HERE .
For more updates and info HERE.

Directed by: Victor Villanueva
DOP: Mikio "Teriyaki" Makino Jr.
AC: MR "Oracle" Munda
PA: Aya "Rabbit" Camacho
Producer: Edd "Priest" Buenaviaje
Ruel Antipuesto, Mike Motzki

© Dream Line Productions, 2010

Article written by: 
Eunice Paola A. Enrera
© eun_ice, 2010

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